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Projectors make displaying meetings and presentations a breeze for work with prices now cheaper than ever and some projectors are so small they can sit in the palm of your hand. Nearly all are HD some lower resolutions are still around however.

Or perhaps you are looking for a projector for home use from you Laptop or PC, or from your media server or perhaps your game console for when screens are too small and you have a perfectly good wall to project to.

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LG Minibeam PH150G Short Throw HD Ready Portable Projector

Project high quality HD images up to 100” in size - Take it anywhere thanks to a 2.5 hour battery - Watch movies instantly with USB Plug & Play - Bluetooth Audio lets you enhance the sound with wireless speakers Project high quality HD images Get a home cinema experience with the LG Minibeam PH150G HD Ready Projector and watch movies on a screen up to 100” in size. Being a short throw projector means you won't need a large space to get the most from it. It can project large-sized images from less than a metre away, making it suitable for use even in small rooms. Take it anywhere Built for portability, the LG PH150G is compact in size, and has a 2.5 hour battery that makes it ideal for showing off presentations, or taking to a friend's house for movie night. With Miracast compatibility you can share your Android smartphone display with your projector to view your digital mobile movie collection, and even play smartphone games on a bigger screen. Watch movies instantly With USB Plug & Play you no longer need to connect another device to your projector

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ASUS Zen Beam E1 Short Throw Portable Projector, Red

Project big screen images up to 120” in size - Five hour battery life lets you take the entertainment with you - Watch content from Full HD sources, smartphones and gaming consoles Project big screen images The ASUS ZenBeam E1 is a small and compact projector capable of projecting images from 16 - 120” so you can enjoy more of the content you love on a big screen full of colour and detail. Five hour battery life Suitable for taking with you to a friend's house or for setting up an outdoor screen, the ZenBeam E1 has a five hour battery life so that you can project a film or presentation wherever you are. Winner of a prestigious Red Dot Design award, the ZenBeam E1 has a stylish metallic look, a spun-metal finish on the lens cap and weighs just 307 grams. Watch content from Full HD sources Offering the flexibility to watch content from any media player, the ASUS ZenBeam E1 accepts content even from Full HD 1080p sources, which is scaled to its native WVGA resolution. The palm-sized projector has an HDMI/MHL input that lets you connect to everything from your PC to a smartphone and even a games console - so you can enjoy a bigger picture almost anywhere. Don't forget your accessories Get your Mini Projector set up in no time with a tripod, which is perfect for ensuring your projector is supported and sturdy throughout the film. And when you're screening outside

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Sony PJ410 Handycam with Built-in Projector, HD 1080p, 2.29MP, 30x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC

The Sony PJ410 Handycam is designed to allow you to capture more of life's special moments. This camera makes movie-making more fun and gives you more creative freedom.   Steadier Images Optical SteadyShot with Intelligent Active Mode lets you shoot steadier movies. Advanced image stabilisation helps to reduce camera shake up to 13x more effectively in comparison to standard mode, so you can enjoy clearer moving images. High Quality Images The Handycam combines a ZEISS lens, Exmor R CMOS image sensor which has twice the light sensitivity of a standard sensor to capture outstanding images in low light, and BIONZ X image processing engine to quickly transform data from the sensor into quality videos and photos. A wide angle lens with up to 26.8mm zoom coverage lets you include more in a shot. XAVC S 50Mbps high-bitrate recording captures highly detailed videos, even when filming the most dynamic scenes

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PHILIPS PicoPix PPX4010 Short Throw Portable Projector

Connect to any notebook or tablet with HDMI cable included - Quality imagery that can be projected up to 3 metres Connect to any notebook or tabletSmaller than a PC mouse, the Philips PicoPix PPX4010 Mini Projector is ideal for businesses and students on the go. With HDMI and Mini HDMI cables, the Philips PPX4010 Portable Projector can be connected to any of your devices, whenever you need it. Simply plug it in, and display your projection clearly and easily.Quality imageryImpress colleagues and clients alike with the 100-lumens Philips PPX4010 Mini Projector, which can project up to 3 metre images. It also benefits from LED technology for bright, clear colours and high contrasts, so you can make the most of your presentations

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RIF6 Cube Mini Projector

Pocket-sized projector can go anywhere - LED display for work or play - Flexible tripod for setting up anywhere Pocket-sizedThis tiny projector can go everywhere. Only 2 inches across, the RIF6 Cube RIF010003N Mini Projector fits neatly in a pocket. The rechargeable battery means you don't even need a plug socket; just switch it on and start projecting. The RIF6 Cube Projector works with phones, laptops, and games consoles, so whatever screen you're using you can project it through the Cube.LED displayThe vibrant display provided by the LED projection is easy to see, and the 20,000 hour lifespan for the bulb means it'll last longer than a standard projector.Flexible tripodThe included tripod means you can project at just the right angle, without having to use stacks of books to get it straight. The tripod can also wrap around obtrusions

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ASUS S1 Portable Projector

Top features:- Large, clear display provides 41” display at just one metre - Ultra-portable with three hours battery life Consider the highly capable Asus S1 Portable Projector for quality imaging on the go, idea for use in the office or your home cinema.Large, clear displayThis 200 lumen, short-throw projector gives a 41" diagonal display at just 1 metre distance, great for the home cinema, or for home gaming.Asus provide a full multimedia experience through the S1's integrated HDMI brings your games, photos and videos to life. The HDMI port is compatible with your laptop

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ACER C205 Short Throw Portable Projector

A pocket-sized projector you can take anywhere - Long-lasting lamp provides up to 30,000 hours of life - Built-in battery for cable-free viewing and two hours of play - Quality stereo speakers brings footage to life Pocket-sized projector The Acer C205 Mini Projector is a small pocket-sized projector you can take anywhere - so that you can project films or photo slideshows wherever you are. Weighing just 302 grams you can put it in your bag or backpack and you'll barely notice it's there. Long-lasting lamp With a long-lasting 30,000 hour lamp life, the Acer C205 is built to last. Throughout its life the bulb maintains a consistent display performance with no drop in picture quality over time. Built-in battery Enjoy watching videos and scrolling through photos on the move thanks to a built-in battery that offers up to 2 two hours of battery life - long enough for a movie or presentation. Quality stereo speakers The C205 Projector is able to play great quality sound so that you can enjoy movies and video clips without having to rely on external speakers.Don't forget your accessoriesGet your Portable Projector set up in no time with a tripod from our accessories range, which is perfect for ensuring your projector is supported and sturdy throughout the film. And when you're screening outside, a power bank is ideal for staying powered up

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EPSON EB-S41 Office Projector

Enjoy the big screen experience at work or in your home office - Bright, easy to see images even in daylight - Portable and quick to set up, take it from home to work with no hassle Big screen experiencePerfect for business and office use, there's no need for compromise with the Epson EB-S41 Office Projector.Whether you're presenting the figures for the end of the quarter or putting on a presentation to your school class, the EB-S41 lets you display images, text and figures easily and clearly. Capable of displaying up to 350” and with a great contrast ratio, every graph will look crisp.Bright, easy to see imagesEven in daylight

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PHILIPS PICO PPX5110 Smart Mini Projector

Mirror content from your smartphone onto a big screen - Transport everywhere you go weighing only 140g - Tripod and HDMI included for easy setup Mirror content from your smartphoneShare your content on the big screen with the Philips PICO PPX5110 Mini Projector. Simply use your Android or iOS device to project your recent photos on holiday, a video from online, and much more.Transport everywhereWeighing as little as 140g, you can transport the PICO Mini Projector with you. Maybe you're going away on holiday but want to watch a film in the hotel. Or you want to rehearse a presentation at home before a big meeting or important lesson. The mini projector is designed to come along with you and make your life that bit easier.Tripod and HDMI includedYou'll also get a tripod and HDMI cable included in the box, so you know you have all the essential accessories with you.

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ACER K138ST Short Throw Projector

Compact projector for large-screen media wherever you are - Short throw projection for use in any room - Convenient audio connectivity with a built-in speaker Portable projectorFrom the boardroom to your living room, the Acer K138ST is slim and lightweight so can be carried and used anywhere with ease.You can project pictures from a compact 25” up to 100” for hugely versatile pictures to suit any home or professional situation.Short throwIt's a short throw projector, which means it doesn't have to be placed a long way away from the wall - perfect for smaller meeting rooms or for placing on a TV stand. Convenient audio connectivityAlong with the built-in speaker for in the on-the-go audio, the Acer K138ST has Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to connect to any Bluetooth speaker, sound bar or audio system for impressive sound quality whatever you're watching.Don't forget your accessoriesGet your Compact Projector set up in no time with a tripod from our accessories range, which is perfect for ensuring your projector is supported and sturdy throughout the film. And when you're screening outside, a power bank is ideal for staying powered up.

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LG PH30JG Smart HD Ready Mini Projector, Silver

Compact size for easy setup and transportation - Display photos and videos from your Android phone with Screen Share - Hook up your Bluetooth speakers for a superior wireless audio experience - 4 hour battery life, enough for two movies Compact size Portable entertainment doesn't have to mean a smaller screen. The LG PH30JG Smart HD Ready Mini Projector is capable of projecting a 100” picture in HD quality while weighing little more than your tablet. It fits easily into your backpack, so you can watch movies in silver screen style wherever you go. And with wireless connectivity, you'll be watching your favourite content in seconds. Display photos and videos from your Android phone Ditch the cumbersome cables and connect your Android phone wirelessly with Screen Share. As well as sharing your own photos and videos, it's great for watching the latest viral videos doing the rounds on YouTube, or the box sets people are raving about on Netflix. And with wireless playback, you aren't tethered to the projector when the pizza arrives. Hook up your Bluetooth speakers Add to your wireless entertainment hub by pairing your LG PH30JG with wireless speakers via Bluetooth

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PHILIPS PicoPix PPX3417W Short Throw Portable Projector

Compatible with a number of devices for easy media sharing - Quality projection up to 120” - Wireless connections for easy internet access Compatible with a number of devices Featuring an integrated MP4 media player, the PicoPix is able to support all common audio and video formats so that you never need to worry about if your word file or pdf is compatible. Paired with an internal 4 GB memory, the PicoPix PPX3417W can function as a standalone device without a source. Able to connect with a number of audio and visual ports as well as an SD card, the PicoPix Portable Projector is perfect for displaying imagery from your laptop, PC, USB stick or even your phone. Quality projection Make the most out of your media and project it all on a huge screen up to 120” with the PicoPix PPX3417 Portable Projector. SmartEngine LED technology provides brilliant colours and a high contrast, which is ideal for presenting images and videos wherever you go. Weighing only 270 g, the PicoPix Projector is easy to carry around and fits easily in a bag or even your pocket. Wireless connections With an included WiFi dongle

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