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Intel announces 11th Gen Desktop processors in Q1 2021

Is it time you upgraded your current machine would you go for Intel or AMD

Intel officially shouts about 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs January 2021 Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

Intel used the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 platform to officially unveil it's next-generation CPUs. Everyone knew this it was not a secret that desktop 11th Gen Core is around the corner. This time the dev name is Codenamed Rocket Lake, and represents the first major architecture revamp since 2015. The new tech is built using the Cypress Cove CPU architecture and Xe GPU, there's much to be excited about in early 2021.

Intel provided some very high-level details during a livestream on what to expect from Rocket Lake-S. Claiming to offer up to 19 per cent instructions-per-clock (IPC) CPU improvement generation over generation, Intel hopes the 11th Gen can wrestle the mainstream performance crown back from AMD's Ryzen 5000 Series of processors.

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11th Gen vs Current Ryzen

11th Gen desktop CPU won't take the best mainstream Ryzens because Rocket Lake-S actually goes backwards in terms of core count. Dropping from the 10C20T on 10th Gen Comet Lake to 8C16T here. A major part of the reason rests with having enough die space to integrate the all-new Xe graphics that promise up to 50 per cent better performance. And as its new it will have a slight edge of the rival Ryzens for now. Intel is also betting on factoring in AI workloads become more prevalent in the consumer space. By including the architecture pulling in the Deep Learning Boost technology found on the latest server processors.

Intel 11th Gen PCIe 4.0

Intel will also be releasing PCIe 4.0-compliant 500 Series chipsets that extract the most performance from these 11th gen processors. The advantage here is being LGA 1200 socket, or the same as Comet Lake, so users who invested in 400 Series boards can install an 11th Gen chip just fine with a BIOS update. Although a compromise would be they will enjoy only half the PCH-to-CPU motherboard bandwidth - x4 vs. x8 on the new fancy and improved 500 Series. It makes sense that Intel is adding an extra four PCIe 4.0 lanes over previous processor generations, ostensibly for a high-speed, CPU-attached NVMe SSD.

Current fastest 11th Gen Intel i9 Proceessor

The fastest of the 11th Gen at time of waffling this is the Core i9-11900K. It houses eight cores and 16 threads able to run up to 5.3GHz depending upon load. Intel finally increases the memory frequency officially DDR4-3200. The always-on Quick Sync Video is a new feature. Historically using a discrete graphics card has disabled the integrated graphics' Quick Sync capability. This is handy for energy-efficient streaming/encoding/decoding. Now an enthusiast can leverage Quick Sync whilst also having a gaming card in situ - so seem like the best of both worlds.

11th Gen Intels I see you!

11th Gen Laptops have started to be seen by HP and others, and we are expecting the Desktop versions and adverts to be here by March. Intel is bullish that it will reclaim the desktop gaming CPU crown from AMD.

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